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Outstanding Entrepeurship

Dr. Glendon Fitzroy Archer was born in the county of Berbice, Guyana on August 8, 1960. He is the son of the late Granville and Joyce Maria Archer.  The comes from a family of 17 siblings.   From an early age the importance of higher education was drummed into the heads of the Archer clan and Glendon had no choice but to follow this path. He attended primary school in Georgetown, Guyana and was the first of his siblings to gain entry into the prestigious Queens College.  At QC, Glendon honed his passion for cricket and academics.  At the tender age of 15 Glendon decided he was going to be a Metallurgical Engineer.

In 1980 Glendon left Guyana on a Guyana Government sponsored scholarship to pursue Engineering studies at Columbia University.  He completed both his BSc and MSc in metallurgical engineering in 1984 and became a Doctor of Engineering Science in early 1987.  While pursuing his studies in Metallurgical Engineering, Glendon soon realized that a good metallurgist must understand the economics of the metals sector and started to take serious interest in all Economics courses that were available to engineers.  By the time he was completing his doctorate he had taken enough courses to minor in Mineral Economics.

After graduating, Glendon served a brief stint as a post doctorate research fellow at the Columbia School of Engineering and Applied Sciences before landing his first job with ASARCO (American Smelting and Refining Company), as a Research Scientist at their Technical and Research Center in Salt Lake City, Utah.  This exposed Glendon to the mining, smelting, refining and economics of metals such as; copper, lead, zinc, nickel, silver, gold, antimony, selenium, tellurium, and Molybdenum. Glendon's job was to trouble shoot existing processes and develop improved processes for various unit operations within Asarco’s metal smelting and refining world.  In 1991, the then senior research scientist was invited to join the company's commercial team, tasked with sourcing the various ores and concentrates required for producing the variety of metals. He was the Director of Asarco’s Commercial operations when he left in 1999 to become the CEO of Centrotrade Minerals and Metals in New York.

In 2001, Glendon and two of his employees incorporated Metallica Commodities Corp (Metallica). He is the President, CEO and technical brain behind the company’s activities. Metallica specializes in the worldwide trading of non-ferrous minerals, metals, residues and by byproducts.   MCC’s annual sales today exceed US $500 Million.  Dr. Archer and his team have spearheaded mining, metal and mineral recovery and recycling projects in USA, France, Tanzania, DRC, Ghana, Guyana, Chile, Turkey, Peru, St. Maarten and Brazil and continue to have a global trading presence.  Through a cadre of agents and representatives, the company has trading partners in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, China, S, Korea, Europe, India, Australia, Peru, Chile, Ecuador, DRC, Zambia, Tanzania, S. Africa, Ethiopia and Madagascar.  Metallica and its subsidiaries, MCC Non-ferrous Trading, WEEE Metallica, Mineral Access Systems Tanzania and Zambia, employ in excess of 150 persons.

Dr. Archer brings more than 30 years of experience to the mining and metals industry. He has been involved in various non-ferrous and precious metals plant and equipment optimization projects with world leaders in the areas of copper, lead, zinc gold and silver metallurgy. He had also worked on environmental endeavors such as waste water treatment, off gas cleaning, sulfur capture, slag encapsulation, etc.  Dr. Archer is a leading expert in the global commercialization of metal containing residues and byproducts from the mining, metallurgical and chemical processing industries

Glendon continues to be a cricket enthusiast and his company has been the major sponsor of the Atlantis Cricket Club, NY.  Metallica also provides educational scholarships tor selected Guyanese students to pursue mining and geology degree programs at the University of Guyana, and continues to sponsor high school alumni organizations in the USA that provide various forms of support to their Alma Mata in Guyana.

Glendon is married to Jacqueline and is the father of Turron, Ashley, Mikhaila and Nailah.


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